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UK Based Sporting Recruitment Service

Sporting Futures Goalkeeping is a U.K based Recruiting Service specialising in the identification of Academic and Sports Scholarship Investment opportunities for  aspiring International Student Athletes (outside of North America).

We evaluate, prepare and connect our Goalkeepers with U.S Collegiate programs best suited to their educational and sporting credentials.

North American & Canadian University Coaches

North American University & Canadian Coaches who recruit International Student athletes use our connection services time and again because they know that we only work with the very best Goalkeepers.

Prospective Students enrolled in Colleges and Universities

Our full and comprehensive service allows prospective student athletes to find colleges and universities, which enhances their sporting and academic aspirations.

Our highly experienced and qualified team will make every effort to bring the very best prospective student athletes to the attention of the very best American universities.

SFGK Team | David Binnie | Managing Director

David Binnie - Managing Director

Sporting Futures Started in 2010

I started Sporting Futures USA back in 2010 with the aim of building a reputation as the best recruitment service for prospective international student athletes.

In 2018, I made the decision to specialise in the identification and recruitment of Goalkeepers and thus, Sporting Futures USA became Sporting Futures Goalkeeping, the World’s First and only Specialist Goalkeeping Recruitment Company.

My aim is to be regarded as the best resource for American University Coaches looking across the Atlantic for their next top Goalkeeper.

Class of 2010 set the tone

The success of our first group of players in our Class of 2010 really set the tone for that to happen. Their success has paved the way for many more who have followed in recent years.”

2011 – Our first National Champion

In 2011, we had our first National Champion, when Tom Moody and his Lindsey Wilson College team claimed the NAIA National Championship.

In 2017, Four of our Student Athletes at Cape Breton University in Nova Scotia became the Canada Sports National Champions, giving our program prominence in both the United States and in Canada.

Eight years and going strong

Eight years into my work with SF USA/ SFGK, I am now in the privileged position of seeing my students graduate from their universities and it is hugely satisfying to watch them progress their careers in a variety of ways.

Our graduates can be found working on New York’s famous Wall Street in the Business and Banking sectors.

Others are living and working in many other countries and some have even made the breakthrough to play professionally in their sports.

Hugely Passionate

I am hugely passionate about my work and the student athletes that we represent and like nothing better than seeing them succeed in their professional and personal lives.

The U.S & Canadian Collegiate system is something that I wholeheartedly advocate for any talented youngster hoping to expand their horizons.”

I welcome the opportunity to speak with anyone interested in finding out more about my work and, of course, the U.S University system.


E: david@sportingfuturesusa.com
T: +44 [0] 7772 803 805
TW: @DavidBinnie76

SFGK Team | Graeme Donald | Talent ID

Graeme Donald - Sporting Futures USA

Graeme Donald | Bio

A Former professional footballer with Hibernian FC and the Scotland National Team – Graeme Donald brings a wealth of experience to our Mentoring Program for Potential Student Athletes. He works closely with our candidates, providing them with an insight into what it takes to develop their game  so that they can one day compete at the highest level as a full time athlete.


E: graeme.donald@sportingfuturesusa.com
TW: Graemed11

SFGK Team | Ian Scott | Talent ID

Ian Scott

Ian Scott | Bio

Ian is the former head coach of Linwood FC and has been responsible for helping numerous talented young players to gain scholarships in the United States Collegiate system. Ian has invaluable experience of the U.S Collegiate system, having seen his own son leave Scotland to take up a place within an American University. His son, Chris, graduated from Grand View University and now lives in the States with his American wife.


Ian speaks with a genuine passion about the opportunities that exist in the States, and our candidates and their families regularly benefit from the advice that he can give them.


Ian assumes the role of the lead coach during our match events and really gets the best out of our candidates in these matches with his passion for free flowing, possession based football.


E: ian@sportingfuturesusa.com

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